a day with the ambulance

Our local library is one of my top hangouts lately.  I've had a library card for some time, but just recently started using it. sad, I know. I actually checked out my first book, for me, the other day & successfully read all of it. I definitely felt proud of myself & now have this new found respect for reading before taking off my glasses at the end of the day. If there are book suggestions you have, shoot them to me; I'm currently making a list of books to check out.

The library also has a kid's coordinator, who always keeps their calendar full of activities to keep the kids interested in books & learning, which if you have a hyperactive child, then you'll totally understand where i'm coming from. Benjamin is the type of kid who learns in short bursts, so having fun things that capture his attention for good periods of time wins major points. We always pick up their activity calendar & highlight which we think we'd like to attend.

June was full of things; she packs the summer to provide activities for free & to avoid that brain drain. one of the weeks was community helpers, so our coordinator booked the fire department, a dairy farmer & ambulance to come out & do a hands on experience in the mornings. We tried to manage all three, but mama was also in the works of painting a bedroom before hitting the road for a weekend trip, so yeah, we managed just one, the ambulance tour.

Benjamin talked about the ambulance all morning up until the event, which i knew he would do, because, hello, boys & big vehicles. After a bit of hesitation (we don't enjoy loud noises) & a promise from the EMT (thanks kind sir) to not turn them on while we were there, Benjamin jumped right into exploring.

The EMT they sent was so great with the kids. After a brief demonstration of how the stretcher & stair chair worked, the kids were free to tour & touch the inside. He let the kids demo & the smiles & excitement to "ride" on the stretcher was so fun to watch.

*All the hazardous/potentially dangerous items were locked away & ambulance was thoroughly cleaned prior to the tour.

He also brought a bucket of "favors" for the kids teaching them about 9-1-1 & when & why to call. Benjamin is still toting around his loot; a fold up frisbee, slap bracelet & flashlight. Seriously this kid, I just love him!

This was right after I convinced him to climb aboard with me, so we was a little anxious, but that anxiety disappeared pretty quickly.

We look forward to seeing what July has in store for us.

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