adventure: the bucket list

not until i was an adult did i have this great desire for travel. and even then, getting on a plane gave me great anxiety. as soon as i would enter the airport roadways, my body would be overtaken with this immense anxiousness. maybe it was a motion sickness type thing, because i remember flying to my brother's army graduation & being miserable nauseous from the moment i got off the plane until i got out of the car at the base.  but once i had benjamin, that motion sickness hasn't been there. pregnancy: it does weird ish to your body man. but if pregnancy did cure my car riding & plane flying issues, then shout out to being with child.

now i have this thing for flying. jetting off to uncharted territory that i have never explored; or explored and dying to go back for some more. and not just flying, getting in a car & road tripping to somewhere for a little adventure. 

bucket lists are like fingerprints in my opinion. everyone's is different, in one way or another. and mine is no different. its expansive, covering all aspects of my life: some items are silly things, some things more serious. and then's there's those items that have a category all own: world experiences.

here are a handful of mine:
  • sky diving 
  • visit every state (currently at 15 out of 50)
  • see as many ballparks as possible 
  • hot air balloon ride
  • real snow
  • real zip lining
  • new england in the fall
  • over the water bungalow
  • golden gate bridge 
  • deep sea fishing
  • treehouse camping
  • the mayan ruins
wanderlust has gotten the best of me. but we only live once. and who knows who how long.

i'll be adding to this everyday, guaranteed.

wander often, wonder always.

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