adventure: its out there

fort worth zoo

many times we begin things, then over time, they fade into the distance & become just a memory. and sometimes they don’t even become that. they just become something that was a place holder for a determined amount of time & that’s it. many things for me (blogs included) have been the later. time fillers. never amounting to much & eventually becoming something obsolete & forgotten.
the sad part? i have so much to say. and share.  but many times, i just find don’t find the time or the words to do that.
i've had this niche to blog for years, but everytime i start something, i never complete it. and that's the honest truth, because i *think* i have found it, but it always turns out i haven't. until now.

living fully. living intently. living wholly. 
adventures. travels. good eats. our home. our lives. plain and simple. 
it starts here. it starts now.
wander often, wonder always.

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