safari splash

for those that follow my instagram, you'll notice i talk quite a bit about small time life. a neighborhood surrounded by train tracks, small time baseball leagues & our go to grocery store option is the walmart down the road, things stay pretty low key (most of the time) where we live. but i will admit there are days that i enjoy driving to the "big city" to have a day of adventure or run into the natural grocers. if you go looking for activities, haslet, tx, more than likely will not come up on the yelp listings, unless its for an air show or bike ride. or wild west fest. but that's basically it. 

and for that reason, we have always had a membership to our zoo. even when benjamin was a baby, we would load him and take him to the zoo numerous times a year. & then something amazing happened. they built a water park, of sorts.

it can be considered more of a splash pad. with zero depth throughout the whole park, i can enjoy sitting in my lounge chair & watch from a distance without being fully immersed in splashing water & squealing with excitement kids if i so choose. no puddle jumpers or life jackets required!

hidden down a long sidewalk, its surrounded by trees and landscape, giving you the feeling that nothing zoolike lies outside. they have a shop for supplies & snack shack should you want to indulge or didn't bring your own. we did of course, we always do.

below are some photos from our most recent visit.

safari splash benjamin

safari splash

safari splash elephant

safari splash benjamin

we met one of my mom friends & benjamin's friends there for sunshine & spray. these two can not get enough & are pretty much inseparable the whole time.

safari splash sprayer

safari splash food

we always pack food to take with us & our local aldi never disappoints for good adventure food. our current favorite find are those bite size salami pieces.

safari splash waterfall

safari splash play structure benjamin

safari splash benjamin play structure

safari splash also has waterslides perfect for littles & bigs, but benjamin hasn't been convinced yet. we make several trips up the stairs & then come right back down.  one day, we will conquer the waterslide. hopefully its sooner rather than later, because mama loves a good waterslide.

safari splash play structure

the calm before the storm - we somehow managed to be the first ones in that day & the peace and serenity was short, but wonderful.

i can guarantee we will spend quite a bit of our summer here - we've been twice already and its only june 7. plus mama's legs need a little color.

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