arizona sonora desert museum

here’s something magical about the middle of no where. it's the middle of no where.

back in april, well march, we planned a very spontaneous trip to arizona to visit damon's dad. it started out as us meeting them in carlsbad, new mexico, but after looking at driving, cost & having a little, we booked three plane tickets for little adventure to tucson. something gets me all giddy about traveling. the excitement of somewhere new & forgetting all those household responsibilities for a few days.

we packed our bags & we were off; even before the roosters thought about getting up. there's something eerie, but equally satisfying about being at the airport that early in the morning.  (there will be a series of posts about our arizona visit)

one of the places on our jam packed itinerary was the arizona-sonora desert museum. guys, if you visit tucson, please, please, please put this on your activity list; you won't regret it.

we spent half our day there & saw as much as we could, but its already on my list of activities for our next visit. just past the entrance turnstiles, are acres & acres of desert wildlife, nature & beautiful views. wear your good walking shoes, trust me, because to get to the good views, hiking is required. all paths are marked, but it is a nice caliche path, taking you to the outer most points of their facility.
sonora desert museum entrance

sonora desert museum landscape

sonora desert museum landscape

the desert museum has 2 miles of walking paths – we didn’t cover all of it, but managed to complete most of the trails.
the views, besides all the cacti, were probably my most favorite of the museum.

tip: if you forget your sunscreen, hit up the bathrooms. they have sunscreen dispensers in all the ones we visited. also, water refill stations are located on the grounds, so bring a good water bottle or purchase one in their cafe for a few dollars. 
sonora desert museum saguaro bethani

sonora desert museum damon benjamin mimi

sonora desert museum landscape

saguaro cacti are my favorite if i have to choose. we had many conversations in tucson about how their arms grow randomly; there isn’t a science or explanation as why the arms grow where they grow. and the holes? woodpeckers; they nest in them. 
sting ray bay sonora desert museum

sting ray bay sonora desert museum

sonora desert museum sting ray bay

sting ray bay was a must visit while we were there. benjamin still talks about how to properly feed a stingray to this day. “mama, you have to be sure not to touch their tail, because it hurts them.”
sonora desert museum landscape

until we meet again, stay wild. stay beautiful.

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