the phoenix zoo

Our trip to Arizona to visit Damon's dad & stepmom was jam-packed full of activities. The fact that my feet have lived to tell the stories is a surprise in itself, really. I'm still working my way through all the photos & blog posts, but they will all eventually make their own appearance, but for now, I'm living to tell all about our day in Phoenix.

His dad lives in Tucson, but with ridiculous flight prices into Tucson directly, we flew into Phoenix & then made the approx. 2 hour drive south(ish) to their house. We flew back on a Saturday afternoon late (again best prices), so we made the decision to spend the day in Phoenix exploring, so we were a quick jaunt to the airport when it came time for drop off.

Before leaving for Arizona, we knew that Phoenix had a superb zoo, so we made sure to put it on our itinerary, since zoos & Benjamin kind of go hand in hand. Plus, it was a good "get the wiggles out" activity before airport sitting & plane riding.  We got to Phoenix, dropped by the Diamondbacks Stadium* & ate lunch before going to the zoo.  

**Visiting all the baseball stadiums is on Damon's list**

The zoo is a smidge pricey, so be prepared for that, but it is totally worth the expense & parking is free! So there is that.  Also, wear good walking shoes & bring sunscreen.  Too, if you're up for it, bring swim type clothing - they have an awesome little splash pad area, but ours were all packed up in our luggage.

phoenix zoo owl

phoenix zoo lizard benjamin

phoenix zoo prairie dog

Besides the prairie dogs, the zoo had wild gophers everywhere. They were the cutest things ever & they would follow you in hopes of getting some food. I would have smuggled one home if I could have.

phoenix zoo bethani benjamin horse

They had a kid's area with barns for hands on teachings & Benjamin was determined to pet everything. We did miss out on the donkey, because smart donkey, was hunkered down under the awning by the big fan & mister. I don't blame him, it was really hot that afternoon.

phoenix zoo orangutan

phoenix zoo benjamin

Oh that sass!

So these snakes - I go on heightened alert when there's the possibility of snakes being around. I always have this fear of finding one in the toilet or our house, not even joking; it happens more often than you think. I walked this zoo with my little snake antennae up; I heard something rustling at a point & was told its nothing. Nope, not nothing! THIS!

No, no, no!

phoenix zoo giraffe

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