airfield falls trailhead

airfield falls trailhead

We did Fourth of July a little differently this year.

Our neighborhood always puts on a fireworks show for us either the night before the Fourth or the night of, all depending on the day of the week. This year they were on the third, so we stayed up past Benjamin's bedtime, with chairs out in the backyard to enjoy this year's display. If the word "fireworks" is mentioned, Benjamin needs to know the when, where and why immediately, so it was no surprise he was super excited.

living fully.

living fully sunflower

Over the last few months, there's been quite a bit of soul searching happening. No rhyme or reason as to why; its just happened. Figuring out where I want to be, who I want to be, where I want to be, etc.

tombstone, az

We had 5 full days in Arizona, getting in early on a Tuesday and flying back on Saturday night.  We decided to spend all day Saturday in Phoenix, leaving us 3 1/2 days for Tucson exploration. Throw in a 2 hour time difference and we were up super early every morning; I used it to enjoy a few cups of coffee & breakfast while watching the sun rise. 

arcadia round barn

When we were making plans to road trip to Tulsa for a weekend, we wanted to hop off the main highway and venture down Route 66. I've never been down Route 66, not that I'm aware of, let alone traveled to this part of Oklahoma before.