My Favorite Blueberry Streusel Muffins

If you ask Benjamin, there are three food items he dislikes the most: mashed/baked potatoes, eggs & blueberries.  So anytime we are at the grocery store & I purchased any of those items, he makes it a point to reassure me he doesn't like any of them. I've tried sneaky tactics to get him to eat these items, but have still remained unsuccessful. No amount of cheese or bacon will dress up a potato or egg enough for Benjamin to want to eat them.

Eat At Home: The Basics + A Recipe

eat at home the basics

I haven't worked full-time in 4 1/2 years & many days, I still find myself getting out of bed at the same as if I did work full-time. It's become a state of mind I guess, because I look forward to a dark quiet house in the morning with a cup of coffee & some me time to scroll my Facebook feed or Pinterest dream, as I like to call it.

However, a few mornings leading up to payday are a little different in our house.  We get paid twice a month, which for us means, I only do two large grocery hauls a month, with a small trip here & there for essentials.  Those mornings before payday, I meal plan.

33 Things You May Not Know About Me

We have so many first happening here lately!

I've been 33 for a month now & Benjamin starts zoo school in a few short weeks. Mama is getting some solo time (hallelujah!) & he is beyond excited to go learn about everything, especially animals! In honor of his excitement of learning & new readers, I have compiled a list of 33 things that you may or may not already know about me.

Who doesn't love a good get to know the author post?

Our Top Aldi Buys

our top aldi buys

"Mama needs her quarter."

If you've ever shopped Aldi, you know this phrase all too well. Humorously, I keep a handful of quarters in my car & my wallet for spontaneous trips so I'm not caught off guard.

eat at home

We make goals.
We break goals.
We remake goals.
It's a crazy cycle.