eat at home

We make goals.
We break goals.
We remake goals.
It's a crazy cycle.

So much of a crazy cycle, that most January 1st goals or resolutions go by the waist side & we just live another year. Well we made a goal, a crazy goal; no eating out for a whole year. We implemented a few loopholes: special occasions, traveling & that was it.

Well we did well for a month or so, then one trip through a drive thru turned into ten. That's where most goals go back to be a distant dream & vow to start again the following year. But for whatever reason, this goal of ours has kept harassing me.

Maybe its all those gross documentaries on Netflix that I've been watching. Or maybe it is my desire to go on vacation & all our drive thru visits keep eating away at our vacation fund. Let's just call it both.

So here we are, back to no eating out & we're going strong. Yes, it is hard, but yes, it is doable.

I realized from a few Instagram & Facebook posts, many people are scared of eating at home or don't know how to be successful at it. I'm here to show you it can be done.

Follow along with me here & on Instagram for a series that will get you started, offer tips, tricks & more to help keep you successful while eating at home. Be ready to save money & begin eating better quality food without sacrificing your sanity.

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