A Quick Trip To Frank Buck Zoo

For those that don't know, our schedules have been totally out of whack lately.  We're experiencing some career hurdles which include longer hours away, less time at home & plenty of moments where deep breaths are required.  Hopefully sooner rather than later, things go back to semi-normal. I've been playing supermom role, while Damon has been working his tush off & that light at the end of the tunnel is barely flickering currently.

But last weekend, we had a semi reprieve when Damon left work before lunchtime. Hoorah! So after changing out of work clothes & baseball uniforms, we loaded up the car & headed north for a few hours, for a fun day away, enjoying the company that we haven't experienced in several Saturdays.

Frank Buck Zoo is about 45 minutes north of us & it's the perfect little city park zoo for little legs. If you've ever been to the zoo with a little, you know their attention span can be categorized as "glance & go" when it comes to animal watching; well my kid is anyway, unless for some miraculous reason the animals are doing something besides sleeping or grazing.

The zoo forms a perfect loop circle & has the perfect amount of walk to animal ratio. It is no large city zoo, but for less than twenty bucks, we get entry to enjoy some sunshine & wilderness.   Be sure to bring some quarters though, because the goats are always up for hand feeding. They also offer flamingo feeding, but children must be at least 7 for that experience.

These guys were in rare form today. They have a huge Savannah-esque habitat with these fellas (don't make me remember their names), zebra, ostrich & giraffes & more often then not it is grazing as usual. For whatever reason, this day, they were climbing in bushes, on the rocks & more.

One of my favorite things about Frank Buck is their landscape.  They don't lack on flowers, trees & overgrown walkways to give that "whimsy" feeling that I get.

^^^ Always lounging. They also have wallabies that were all tucked up in their little house, because well, babies! We saw one mama with a baby poking out of her pouch before she took off for shelter.

^^Llamas/Alpacas are up there on my favorite animal list, just under sloths.

We had planned on picnicking after the zoo at their large park across the street, but the weatherman let us down. I was totally expecting nice, cool, picnicking weather, but upon leaving the zoo, it was muggy & down right hot. Maybe next time Gainesville.

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