Budget Friendly Faux Stained Glass

Budget Friendly Faux Stained Glass

School for Benjamin starts in a little more than a week & my inner self is jumping with joy, like most mothers by the end of summertime. We have entered this phase of major codependency & while I love being needed, its making me a smidge on the crazy side.

I've been trying to find activities to keep him busy for periods of a time, because if we lose focus for a few minutes, we are on a quickly sinking ship to extreme chaos. Has anyone else dealt with this before? Because holy cow!

With September beginning today (HOLLA!), I figured it was a completely appropriate time to start working on Autumn themed crafts to start luring in even those cooler temps.  Our highs have been in the 80s mostly, we a 90 degree here and there & it has been the most amazing thing. We are usually still counting 100 degree days, so this change in temperature has been a nice blessing.  I'm still eagerly awaiting those morning to wake up to 50s.

Now that I'm back from my wild "dreaming of cooler temps" tangent, I decided to update our back door window with some fun Faux Stained Glass.  I actually learned about this from an art & crafts session Benjamin & I participated in back in February & thought it was perfect for our first Autumn activity.

It's completely budget friendly. After your initial purchase of contact paper (sometimes you can find it at the dollar store), it only costs you maybe a dollar or two per Faux Stained Glass you make.

What you will need:

2 pieces of Contact paper, both 12"x12"
Sharpie Marker
Tissue paper squares (I get mine from Dollar Tree: found with the Art Supplies)
Hanging String
Hole Punch

Budget Friendly Faux Stained Glass

1. Decide what image you want to create & draw it with a sharpie on the actual contact paper side of one of your 12"x12" sheets.  I used my Silhouette & sketch pens to draw mine out large enough, as my sketching skills aren't amazing.

2. Pull the paper backing of this sheet of contact paper & lay face up, so the sticky side is facing up.

Budget Friendly Faux Stained Glass

3. Cover your drawn out image with tissue paper squares.

Budget Friendly Faux Stained Glass

Budget Friendly Faux Stained Glass

4. Once your image is completely filled in you are going to take your second 12"x12" sheet and remove the backs and lay the sticky side down onto the image & tissue squares, creating a "laminated" image.

*I pull back the top 2 corners are the paper and lay over the top 2 corners of the image sheet and gradually pull the paper down and smooth at the same time to lessen the chances of wrinkles & air bubbles.

5. Cut out your image along the Sharpie lines.

6. Punch hole in top of Faux Stained Glass. Create hanger with baker's twine or other hanging string.

7. Hang & enjoy!

Budget Friendly Faux Stained Glass

This craft is so easy & the possibilities are endless for all seasons/occasions. I already have plans for Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas.  What will you be making for your windows?

For more fun DIY projects, head here.

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