Keeping Our Floors Clean With The Libman Company

Today, we rolled into our second week of Pre-K & I feel a smidge of mom guilt, because I've been eagerly waiting for this day since last Wednesday.  That little block of time that I have carved out into my Tuesdays has been such a blessing for my sanity. I look forward to planning what I'm going to do with that block of time; will I sit at Starbucks & drink coffee quietly? Stroll the aisles of Target with the urgency of a sloth? Or visit a spa for a pedicure or massage? The choices, you guys.

This school this has been wonderful for Benjamin. He came home using the word "predator" like he has known it his whole life & it makes my heart completely full that he's actually enjoys learning & making friends. While he's learning at school, we've also been working in some basic life skills at home, also known as, kid appropriate chores. And one of the chores that he actually enjoys helping with is cleaning the floors with me. I'm not sure if its the act of actually clean or getting to dunk a mop in water then "smear" it all over the floor that he enjoys, but I'll take what I can get.

Between Benjamin & our furzoo (yeah, I just created that word), our house runs like a small farm & I have to learn to #embracelifesmesses. The day we decided to rip the atrocious, stain-riddled carpet & move over to hard floors, was the day that sometimes I regret.  I've determined carpet hides all the evidence of life forms so much better than hard floors, but then I remind myself of all the garbage I saw when the floor laying fellows ripped out the old stuff.

We moved over to a combination of laminate & travertine floors 3 years ago, so I've done some research on tools/cleaners that are not only safe for our family/furzoo, but also can be used on the complete floor. Nothing bothers me more, than needing an arsenal of tools to do one job. Then I discovered the Libman Wonder Mop & its ability to make even the messiest floors clean again.

I was able to find the Wonder Mop at my local grocery retailer & was even more thrilled to discover they have replaceable heads that you can purchase to keep your mop going strong.

The Wonder Mop is perfect for all floor types & cleans using microfiber stripes that make picking up the smallest specks of dirt no problem. The mop head is machine washable after each use, up to 50 times & can be used with the Libman floor cleaner solution, or a simple solution of vinegar & water. The mop also features an option to wring out the excess water, which for me, scores major points, because wringing out a dirty mop with your hands, completely grosses me out.

Once we get done tackling the floor, we move onto other chores that are easy for Benjamin to complete.  They include:

-Wiping down tables
-Cleaning toilets (live with a boy? ya feel me?)

And everyday things that Benjamin helps me with:

-Feeding the pets
-Setting & clearing the table for meals
-Making his bed
-Basic house pickup before daddy gets home

It may sound a bit silly, but Benjamin gets the same sense of joy from a clean house that I do. Maybe its a job well done, maybe its that he can find his toys easier; again I'll take what I can get.  And the way time flies, I'll soon be able to pass off lawn mowing too.

The Libman Company also offers different cleaning tools that strive for a clean home including the kitchen & bathroom, while maintaining sustainability & reducing waste. Libman is currently giving people the chance to win a collection of their products to enjoy & use to get that home sparkling again. After entering for your chance to win, be sure to sign up for their newsletter to receive a $3 coupon for your Wonder Mop.

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