Sunday At The Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

Being outdoors is usually one of my favorite things. This hasn't always been something that rang true; still to this day I have my moments of needing to be inside away from the outside world. But generally & when the weather is tolerable, being outdoors is my happy place.

When we visited Arizona, being outdoors was where we spent the majority of our time, even if it was on the back patio watching the sunset; a good back patio with a view is a requirement in my next house. When we came back home, we began making it a mission of ours to get outdoors more. There is so much exploring here in Texas that we simply have not experienced yet or love to experience regularly, that even when we revisit, we find something new about it.

A few Sundays ago, we took advantage of what we thought was mild (jokes on us) weather and headed down to one of our favorite wandering places, the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. It turned out to be much more humid than we had expected, so we spent an hour or so exploring & then quickly retreated back to the comforts of air conditioning and a cold glass of iced tea.

Here are some photos from our wandering:

^^^ Benjamin is quite the impressive wanderer. Traveling/Exploring with littles bring a new perspective & usually find the best things to look at.

Algae & moss. I'm not sure why I've always thought it was one of those hidden beauty things, but I have.

There's this amazing nature boardwalk that connects the two sides of the gardens. Along the walk, they have tons of interesting facts & things for littles to enjoy, but the most intriguing part is how its separated. One side is Texas native plants, the other side is Texas invasive plants.

When you miss Arizona deeply, you visit the cactus garden & relish in the moment of saguaros & agave.

Probably one of my most favorite parts of the FW Botantical Gardens is their educational program. They teamed up with one of the local colleges to plant a vegetable garden that guests can explore. We saw all sorts of produce & herbs being grown as well as their compost garden, which Benjamin was totally fascinated with, because, hello, worms.

If you plan on visiting, be sure to wear great walking shoes, bring plenty of water & sunscreen/bug spray. The Gardens also offer additional paid things like the Japanese Gardens and Butterfly exhibit, but the regular grounds are otherwise free.

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