Bumper Cars

One way I know that Autumn is coming is the start of the State Fair of Texas. Autumn can't start (for me) until the Fair gets here. Luckily, Mother Nature paid attention this year & Autumn arrived shortly after our visit. 
Damon's sister came up to visit a few weeks ago & one of the things on our to-do list while she was her was to visit the fair & eat way too many food items. We accomplished both. If you ever take a child to the Fair however, it's always best to prepare yourself to be badgered about the Midway until you get to the Midway. Case in point, Benjamin.

This was the first year we went that he could actively ride anything & truly enjoy it, with the exception of the carousal. As soon as we got there, it was automatically, "when will we ride rides? can we ride rides yet?" But I do give him this, I was the the same way as a child. Now I will ride things that stay on the ground; past that, I'm out. 

Bumper cars were at the top of his list & because he had to have an adult, Damon's sister got the great nomination because she was the smallest of us four adults. So he grabbed his tickets & off they went.  Mama failed and didn't get too many pictures (or great quality) but these will do.

He's far from ready for a driver's license & I am totally okay with that.

After he jumped off the Bumper Cars, we were in for Fun Houses & some Monster Trucks; I got to ride those. We also filled our bellies with corn dogs, nachos & samples galore, but the smell of cotton candy & funnel cakes have been lingering in my head since.  

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