Halloween Popsicle Stick Frankensteins

Every Tuesday, while Benjamin is school, I find myself strolling the aisles of Dollar Tree at some point in the morning.  I mean, its Dollar Tree. It gives me an opportunity to pick up random things I may need in a pinch or cheap craft supplies. It's usually the latter of those two. 

I previously wrote a post about some DIY Halloween Bats made from leftover egg cartons & everyday I see them, they make me a little more eager for Halloween to arrive.  Benjamin has had his costume picked out for quite some time; I only the other hand may dress as a mombie or something painless.  

After that project, I had a handful of googly eyes remaining & decided I needed to throw something else together to use some more of them up, before they take residence up on the floor or in a junk drawer.  Frankenstein is probably my favorite Halloween "character," so this rather easy craft seemed completely perfect to use up those eyes. 

What You'll Need:

9 craft sticks for character hanging
Green craft or kids paint
Black craft or kids paint
Purple craft or kids paint (if you want to make Monster hangers as well)
Hot glue
Hanging string or baker's twine
Googly Eyes
Sharpie Marker

Step by Step:

1. Begin by assemble the base of your character.  Break or cut one craft stick in half; these two pieces will be your back support. 

2. Hot glue 7 craft sticks side by side onto your two support pieces.  Let glue dry well. I didn't remove excess glue; it gave the character a more "wrinkly," monster look.

3. Paint your character green and let dry. Repeat pain on back side.  (I painted the backs too, so if they spin, everything is one color)

4. While your green is drying, take your 9th craft stick & paint black. Let dry.

5. When both the green base and black stick are dry, hot glue the black craft stick to the upper portion of your green Frankenstein head.

6. Hot glue on your Googly eyes.

7. Using a Sharpie, draw on his mouth & stitches.

8. Cut a piece of bakers twine or hanging string & hot glue to the back of his head for hanging.

For the Monster, repeat the above steps, but with purple paint & leave off the black craft stick. Add more eyes, for more creepiness.

Hang & admire.

I bought the craft sticks while at Dollar Tree; 100 for $1 plus tax. We still have half of them left over for another project; I'm thinking Christmas! All other supplies, I already had on hand.

Our dining room, is perfectly decorated with a hodge podge of bats, Frankensteins & Monsters for Halloween. For more crafting inspiration, click here for other projects we've completed.

Happy Halloween!

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