Horseback Riding with Friends

Last week, we met up with one of Benjamin's best friends for some horseback riding.  We had tried in the past to make it to the barn, but tons of mud & a wild four year old don't sound like a good time for my washing machine.  This Friday was particularly interesting, because the cold front was rolling in, which meant bundling up.

We packed up snacks & horse treats & went on our way.  I have never ridden a horse & Benjamin has only ridden those little ponies that come to fairs & carnivals; he was exceptional excited about going to ride.  He told me that he wanted to ride a "really fast one;" I'm more a keep my feet on the ground type.

The boys took turns riding Gracie; she's the horse handler's 20 year old love which is easy with the kids.  They did a little bit of arena riding, as well as trail riding behind the barn.  Benjamin was ear to ear smiles & has emphasized several times that "he can't wait to go ride horses again, but this time Dad needs to go ride with him."

Below are some photos from our Friday.

Little kid stirrups gave me all the feels. Are these not the cutest things ever?

^^^ Up two - Gracie in all her pretty horse glory.

 Before riding, the kids are required to properly prepare their horse for a ride, which includes brushing, hoof cleaning, shoeing (if needed) & saddling.

I can say I didn't find myself on a horse at all & I am happy with that; I was busy taking pictures & ogling at her other farm animals.  I will have a goat at some point in my life, or an alpaca.  Soon after we finished riding, the clouds gave way & it began sleeting (in October! in Texas!) so we headed back to our side of the world for some lunch & warmth.   

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