Rock Climbing at the Trinity River Park

After school on Tuesdays, we typically zoom home to get lunchtime started & some household things done before baseball in the evening. This past week, however, we decided to mix things up since Autumn decided to grace us with it's presence. Damon was off too; double win!

Down the street from the zoo is the Trinity River park, which has some gorgeous trees & views of the city & is perfect for biking, walking, picnicking & playing (of course!). We packed a lunch & spent a little bit of time burning energy before heading back to our side of the world.  As soon as we got done eating, Benjamin ran for this rock structure to climb.  We tried to get him to jump into Damon's arms off the top, but he wasn't having any of that.

If you find yourself there on the weekends, there's also a sweet little train depot down at the other end, near the zoo, that will take you through the large park & back.  We have yet to make it on the train, but it's on our list.

Some photos from his climbing are below.

Happy Monday!

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