Flying High

One of my things that has always been on my bucket list is skydiving. Well, I didn't go skydiving.  Damon's family came in town for the holiday weekend & I knew going up in what I call a "puddle jumper" was imminent.  And let me put this out there, I used to be a terrible flyer; like need a Dramamine kind of flyer. I mean, big metal object flying thousands of feet in the air. You get my point.

My Little Turkey

One thing I love about the four year old stage is preschool  No lie, I look forward to my mom time every week.  We're currently surviving through Thanksgiving break, which means no school all week.  We're also tackling an ear infection. Blech.

Give Me All The Lipstick

I have an obsession. Well if we're being honest, several.  They range from cutesy socks, oversized coffee mugs, woodsy & man scented candles, writing utensils & lip colors.  I think they are all tied for first place.

Holiday Gift Guide for Littles

Scientific Explorer: My First Dino Kit // Your littles can become an archeologist right at home & dig for their own dinosaurs; check out all the kits that Scientific Explorer offers (we have several!)

Sky Organic Toy Surprise Bath Bombs // Make bath time even more exciting with their vibrant bath bombs +  a prize every time

Superman Headphones // Travel in quiet or take a break from listening to yet another round of "The Wheels on the Bus" with your littles' very own headphones.  Multiple styles available for both boys & girls.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Teaching Bank //  Does your little love money like Benjamin does?  Well now he can run his own "bank" while learning counting & basic math without a workbook

Hey! Play! Indoor/Outdoor Kid's Teepee // Sequester your littles to the teepee for a nap, reading time or basic imaginative play; perfect for both inside & out

Operation Board Game // Board games! Benjamin's list this year comprises of quite a few games & this is at the top of his list along with this one. Great for teaching motor skills, but best for older littles.

Melissa & Doug My First Daily Magnetic Calendar // Allow your children to keep track of days, the weather outside & how they are feeling with their very own calendar.

Ferrari Two-Wheeled Scooter // Watch your littles zoom down the sidewalk on their own set of stylish wheels that isn't a bicycle

What's on your littles' lists this year?

You can see my other gift guides for 2017 here.

Muggle Shakes

Ever since the beginning of holiday season, which I deem as November 1, I find myself at home less & less. Last week, I told myself that on Friday, I was locking myself at home to get some things done.   Well as you can see, that didn't happen; we broke out of the house for a period that afternoon & tried out a new place called Muggle Shakes with one of our best friends.

Holiday Gift Guide for Him

St. John's Bay Long Sleeve Flannel // For business or play, these are a personal favorite to pair with jeans or slacks during those chilly days. Available in multiple colors.

Harry's Grooming Gift Set - 5 Piece in Winter Blue // Keep his face smooth & kissable with this all in one; subscription options available.

Bluetooth Earbud Headphones // Crank up the tunes or binge your favorite Netflix show during travel or while lounging around the house.

Docker's Moccasin Weekender Slippers //  Skip the socks & wear these instead; lined with memory foam & sure to keep feet warm during the winter

Leather Money Clip Wallet // Never wad up those bills again. Fits neatly in his pocket & allows for personalization

Hearth & Hand Portable Beverage Mug with Leather Strap // Send him off with his favorite hot beverage or some hot soup to start his day off right

Today, I'm talking men; our good ol' men. Besides Benjamin, Damon is my most favorite person to shop for.  He can be hard to shop for, but I enjoy finding things for him that typically wouldn't make his list, but know he would enjoy. Is your significant other hard to shop for?  

You can see my gift guide for her here & I will have the kid's edition up soon.  Only 42 days until Christmas & I'm already dreaming of next week, where I'll be stuffing my face with all kinds of delightful Thanksgiving-y foods.

Sweater Weather

I feel like we are speeding right through November, but I remember as a kid, life seemed to drag by & we would wish for things to speed up.  Now I find myself wishing for it to slow down some. I'm currently planning for Thanksgiving, checking off my Christmas gift buying list & eagerly waiting (& hoping!) that Damon comes home at any point now with the Christmas itch, so I can pull the Christmas tree out.

Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Fall Baseball with the Bucks

It's been a few days since the baseball season for us, but I'm slightly missing it already.  We do, however, get to go back to a normal eating schedule, but baseball has definitely become a way of life in our house during the fall & spring.

Dear Autumn

Dear Autumn,
You actually got here in a timely manner this year. But after getting excited & acquiring some new boots to celebrate your arrival, the weatherman broke my heart slightly; 90s again by the end of the week. Not cool. You need to get it together, stat.

Dear Maroon Cardigan,
I just got you, but oh man I love you. I feel like I need to adopt your siblings in Olive & Mustard too. Maybe we can get you styled pretty for some photos to share with our friends.  We can even talk with my new boots to join us.

Dear Dark Chocolate Bar with Coffee Beans,
Oh holy heavens! I found you sitting on the end cap of a Whole Foods last week & as soon I tried you, I became totally smitten.  Next time, I may just buy the whole box; you are that delicious.

Dear Declan + Crew Apparel,
I'm obsessed. I have to convince myself not to live in my MOM BOSS shirt; it's that comfortable.  I've got my eye on a few other styles, so they're totally going on my Christmas wishlist.

Dear Netflix,
Stranger Things 2. It's taking everything I have to not binge while Damon is at work.  So instead, I'm rewatching Gilmore Girls for the gajillionth time.

Dear Lizards on Our Porch,
I'm sure you think coming in my house, where its warm is a genius idea, but its not. We have a cat & dog who will eat you, bit by bit.  Please, for your own safety, stay outside. Plus, I have nightmares of you taking up residence in my bed.  I'll burn it down if that happens.