Dear Autumn

Dear Autumn,
You actually got here in a timely manner this year. But after getting excited & acquiring some new boots to celebrate your arrival, the weatherman broke my heart slightly; 90s again by the end of the week. Not cool. You need to get it together, stat.

Dear Maroon Cardigan,
I just got you, but oh man I love you. I feel like I need to adopt your siblings in Olive & Mustard too. Maybe we can get you styled pretty for some photos to share with our friends.  We can even talk with my new boots to join us.

Dear Dark Chocolate Bar with Coffee Beans,
Oh holy heavens! I found you sitting on the end cap of a Whole Foods last week & as soon I tried you, I became totally smitten.  Next time, I may just buy the whole box; you are that delicious.

Dear Declan + Crew Apparel,
I'm obsessed. I have to convince myself not to live in my MOM BOSS shirt; it's that comfortable.  I've got my eye on a few other styles, so they're totally going on my Christmas wishlist.

Dear Netflix,
Stranger Things 2. It's taking everything I have to not binge while Damon is at work.  So instead, I'm rewatching Gilmore Girls for the gajillionth time.

Dear Lizards on Our Porch,
I'm sure you think coming in my house, where its warm is a genius idea, but its not. We have a cat & dog who will eat you, bit by bit.  Please, for your own safety, stay outside. Plus, I have nightmares of you taking up residence in my bed.  I'll burn it down if that happens.


  1. Chocolate with coffee beans?? Where have you been all my life? I need to get on that immediately.
    I still haven't gotten into Stranger Things.. I tried watching the first episode but my mind started to wander within the first few minutes.. need to try again one day.. everyone seems to love it.

    1. Yes its AH-MAZING; get yourself some! I'm currently contemplating buying a whole case.
      Yes, give Stranger Things another good. Its really good, unless you don't do 80-90s sci fi, then you probably will still be bored. lol