Fall Baseball with the Bucks

It's been a few days since the baseball season for us, but I'm slightly missing it already.  We do, however, get to go back to a normal eating schedule, but baseball has definitely become a way of life in our house during the fall & spring.

Despite being the youngest on the team, Benjamin fit right in among all the elementary school kids & made some of the bests of friends. He's eagerly looking forward to the Spring season already; he may be asking regularly when it starts.  Oh March, you're so far away.  If you follow me on Instagram, his first day of school post, he stated he was going to grow up to be a MLB player; obsessed.

Below are quite a few photos throughout the season & from tournament day.

He finally hit the "coach pitch" ball for the first time during a game on tournament day.  We couldn't have been more proud.

Benjamin got his first pack of Big League Chew during tournament day & to say he enjoyed it was an understatement.

 He was relieved when he promoted from catcher to outfield.  Masks are not his thing, so he definitely learned the value of paying attention.

We got lucky enough to watch the Blue Angels fly during the last game of our tournament.  It may have been distracting, but so worth it.

Our team won second place in the tournament & won snazzy rings that Benjamin proudly struts around with when he remembers he has it.

Until March, we will be counting down the days until next season's registration.  Go Bucks!

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