Flying High

One of my things that has always been on my bucket list is skydiving. Well, I didn't go skydiving.  Damon's family came in town for the holiday weekend & I knew going up in what I call a "puddle jumper" was imminent.  And let me put this out there, I used to be a terrible flyer; like need a Dramamine kind of flyer. I mean, big metal object flying thousands of feet in the air. You get my point.

After realizing everything I was missing by not wanting to fly, I figured out some coping mechanisms (mainly deep breaths and closing my eyes lol) & things really have turned around.  This airplane ride though....

Benjamin has eagerly been talking about flying since Damon's dad bought into his plane co-op & this past weekend, we made it happen. He boarded & copiloted like a champ; myself however, stowed away in the backseat.

We all took turns flying & after a few shrieks and shrills from myself & I mayyyyy have asked 5 billion questions, I feel as though I've got it under my belt. I took a wee bit of a longer trip when we took one of Damon's sisters back to Oklahoma & the views were amazing. Plenty of pictures from our flying time below.

Flying in a plane like this is a completely different experience & I recommend it to everyone. It gives me a whole new appreciation for flying & I can't wait to go up again. We're still working on getting his oldest sister to actually let his dad leave the runway, rather than taxiing around.

His plane only has 4 seats. Yeah, you read that right, 4, so things were cozy. I still can't imagine flying from AZ to TX in that thing.

So I've decided the headphone look doesn't work for me. You know those shows like the Bachelor where the girls are taking those plane/helicopter rides looking all glam?? Yeah, that wasn't my case.

Damon & Benjamin flew together. Damon is now adding getting his pilot's license to his list of "things to do." I can say I don't blame him.

Seriously, these views! After flying over all these empty spaces, I have a new found love for all things "middle of no-where." Its so majestic & beautiful.

You can find more of our adventures here.

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