Muggle Shakes

Ever since the beginning of holiday season, which I deem as November 1, I find myself at home less & less. Last week, I told myself that on Friday, I was locking myself at home to get some things done.   Well as you can see, that didn't happen; we broke out of the house for a period that afternoon & tried out a new place called Muggle Shakes with one of our best friends.

When I had first heard about Muggle Shakes, I was anticipating something Harry Potter themed, because, hello, Muggle was in the name.  Instead it is a froyo place with additional fancy, smancy milkshakes also on the menu.  Benjamin was tossing up between the Panda Bear which was Cookies & Cream with tons of cool whip and Oreos & this guy, Birthday Celebration. Thankfully, the staff made his choice easier by mixing the two; cookies and cream frozen yogurt with the toppings of Birthday Celebration.

Being lactose intolerant, I lived vicariously through him & noshed on some dairy free orange froyo with a handful of fruit and nut toppings.  Below are some fun pictures from our sugar fest.

I FINALLY discovered how they get all those toppings to "stick" to the sides of the jars/glasses; marshmallow cream!

Our friends got Birthday Celebration also, but his mama got Campfire, complete with burnt marshmallow!  Yum!!!

These boys didn't anything behind! How they packed it away is still a mystery to me.

If you're ever in the North Fort Worth area, swing over & pay Muggle Shakes a visit.  They have a handful of milkshakes to choose from & creating more everyday, plus a seasonal favorite; currently its The Unicorn, complete with a Unicorn Face "painted" on a giant marshmallow.

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  1. Thank you for your awesome blog about Muggle Shakes ! We hope to see y’all back soon!

    - Muggle Shakes