My Little Turkey

One thing I love about the four year old stage is preschool  No lie, I look forward to my mom time every week.  We're currently surviving through Thanksgiving break, which means no school all week.  We're also tackling an ear infection. Blech.

Last week in school, their focus was the Condor, but because Thanksgiving was approaching they also talked about things they were thankful for & made the sweetest turkey "head dress" to wear on Thanksgiving Day.

Benjamin always eagerly shows me his art project when he hops in the car, but so far, this one ranks at the top.  And his thankful list; heart melt.  While he may not be thankful for his parents (ha!), the fact that he's making friends and loves them so is totally okay to trump me on the list.  I may regret that when he's a teenager.

We've also been practicing our gobbling, talking about all the yummy foods we will be eating & how long it will be before Egon (our Elf!) & the Lego Advent Calendar will make their appearance. I'm equally excited for the food & also the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade is always on my to-do list while getting food made.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!!

Wearing: Shirt found here.

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