Sweater Weather

I feel like we are speeding right through November, but I remember as a kid, life seemed to drag by & we would wish for things to speed up.  Now I find myself wishing for it to slow down some. I'm currently planning for Thanksgiving, checking off my Christmas gift buying list & eagerly waiting (& hoping!) that Damon comes home at any point now with the Christmas itch, so I can pull the Christmas tree out.

Don't judge me. I do accept, honor & recognize Thanksgiving for everything that it is, but I yearn for Christmas cheer all year to begin. Texas has finally decided to get on board with this November thing; we've been wearing jeans regularly & I break out a cardigan every chance I get.  Yes, yes, I short sleeve it underneath that cardigan but you can't trust establishments to have their thermostats synced up with the weather.  Its usually cold outside & ridiculously warm inside or Mother Nature feels comedic & jumps up to 80.  Insert dramatic eye roll.

I've got a whole section of closet dedicated to sweaters & long sleeves; they're waiting patiently in the wings to come out to play with my skinnies & boots. Until then, I will sit at home with my oversized mug, sipping my favorite hot tea & seasonal coffee, while dreaming of snow & winter like conditions.   If anyone has any connections to the weather gods or Mother Nature herself, put in a word for me; I'm specifically requesting a White Christmas this year, for both Benjamin & I.


For those asking: Stripe shirt here, lip color here in Don't Blink Pink.  Mug is from Walmart & don't believe they're available any longer, but other Sweater Weather mugs can be found here or here.

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