20 Things I'm Not Sorry For

So many times, mom guilt takes over in my life.  I have frequent moments of "maybe that was not a good idea" or "maybe I should have done that instead."  Anyone else feel that way?  And why is it called mom guilt?  Do they have a thing called "dad guilt"?  Does it work the same way?  Because, I'm dying to know. 

My Current Eyeshadow Favorites

Besides lip color, my makeup bag has a high population of eye shadow residents.  Maybe its because the vibrant possibilities. I'm pretty however, its the fact that I love wearing a good eye after all the time I spend on fancying my eyebrows.  Those bad boys don't look that way on their own; my wax lady does me a solid every month.

10 Things I'm Currently Obessed With

2017 is winding down so quickly, that I feel it whizzing by me at lightening speed.  I've been doing quite a bit of thinking about next year & how I want it to turn out.  It's a semi big year, Benjamin starts Kindergarten & I find a whole new sense of "mom freedom.'  Besides being eager about getting quality quiet time each day, while he's off learning all the things, I'm browsing the things & loving these:

- skip the cliché tomato pushpin holder ladies

- my inner movie nerd is totally geeking out

- give me all the cake stands & table things

- if my dungeon of doom, as damon calls it, finds organization, this

- these are popping up on my instagram & i'm obsessed

- because shoes 

- and all the shimmery things

- who needs normal loungewear?

& because my life is always interesting 

Happy Tuesday y'all! I'm off to party it up Christmas style with a room full of preschoolers. May the odds ever be in my favor. 

Gingerbread House Decorating

I have always enjoyed Gingerbread houses. Maybe it is the way they smell, or maybe all that candy.  Whatever it is, I love them.  I remember as a kid going to the casino in Mississippi (my uncle at the time worked there) & we would go down for a dinner and show of some kind during the holidays.  And it never failed, that in the foyer, right outside the elevators, stood this enormous, jaw-dropping gingerbread house that always have me awestruck.

Denim & Gray

I did something new. I did something out my comfort zone. Well I did a few somethings.  But most importantly, I tried out the Wish App.  I had always been anxious about that thing. I mean have you seen some of the stuff they sell on there?  Make a grown man blush.

Non-Candy Stocking Stuffer Ideas for All

As soon as Christmas hits the stores, my inner holiday addict starts to rear herself.  I get over joyed with twinkling lights, smells of trees & wreaths, carols & anything else that slightly resembles Santa himself.

I love getting to give gifts and stuff stockings full of love & cheer, but let's be honest, candy is something I try to steer clear of.  Benjamin has enough energy & I'm really working hard to limit our added sugar intakes; sugar has done a number on my skin health. Plus I'm pretty sure my brother & his wife appreciate not bringing home a mountain of candy from every holiday. I still purchase some food items like popcorn & jerky, because those are always well received.

I've been trying to be creative & reach outside the Christmas box when it comes to stocking stuffers for everyone & have come up with some pretty great items, or so I like to believe.  I found most of my stocking stuffers this year in the Target Dollar Spot, my home away from home & Home Goods/TJ Maxx.

Littles: (we have kids aged 3+ in our families)
Instant Snow  // we don't have snow often in Texas (this makes me reallllllly sad!), so the littles love any little bit they can "get"
Holiday Flavored Lip Gloss
Hot Wheels
Ball Poppers
Mini Nerf Guns
Playing Cards or Card Games // I like this package because you can break up the "set" for multiple stockings, cutting the overall price down
Holiday Scented Playdoh
Microwave Popcorn Bags
Mini Lego Sets (usually $3-$5)
Collector Cards
Blind Bags

Bath Bombs
Silicone Pot Holders
Mini Whisks & Spatulas // these are like the best things on the planet. okay maybe not the best, but these are perfect for mixing in cups/mugs and little amounts of things.
Crocheted Beanie
Nail Polish
Small Candles
Flavored Tea Bags

Hot Hands // perfect for keeping in the glove box; great for women's stockings too, or maybe just mine. :)
Hand Tools
Bungee Cords
Holiday Flavored Coffee Samples
Stick Lighters
Crazy Socks // if you have a TJ Maxx, Marshall's or Ross, check those out these; you would be surprised with the selection and price.

For other gift gifts, check them out here.

My Christmas Bucket List

SANNNNNTA!!!! I KNOW HIM!!!!  I don't declare to be the biggest lover of Christmas, but I find myself to be up there on the list. As soon as the weather starts to change & the calendar itches towards Thanksgiving, my insides get all excited about all the Christmas-y things filling the stores & streets.