20 Things I'm Not Sorry For

So many times, mom guilt takes over in my life.  I have frequent moments of "maybe that was not a good idea" or "maybe I should have done that instead."  Anyone else feel that way?  And why is it called mom guilt?  Do they have a thing called "dad guilt"?  Does it work the same way?  Because, I'm dying to know. 
But after the mom guilt subsides, I have a rather lengthy list of things I'm not sorry for.  Some are rather lighthearted, some of them serious, but enjoy!

I am not sorry for:

1. Using the "I have to go to the bathroom" excuse quite a few times a day to have a moment by myself without something hovering over me

2. Ensuring I paint my nails once a week; its my favorite self-care practice

3. Watching Vanderpump Rules & other trashy "reality" shows

4. Being an early bird for everything; showing up late is the worst for me, so I sometimes will arrive ridiculously early

5. Taking an OCD approach to making sure my wrapping paper coordinates with one another

6. My ability to eat Mexican food everyday

7. Washing my hair maybe twice a week & heavily relying on dry shampoo

8. Having to justify with people why I don't have Benjamin in preschool more than once a week, so I can have my own time

9. Having an obsession with lip color & eyeshadow

10. Being a homebody. I love staying home & enjoy not being out among crazy nation

11. Knowing all there is to know about Gilmore Girls

12. Not having a whole mess of girlfriends

13. Filling in my eyebrows 99% of the time. It makes me feel together, even if I'm having a hot mess kind of day

14. Living a sober lifestyle

15. Loving winter more than summer & wishing for a white Christmas every year

16. Not wanting to have more children; Benjamin is all we want & need, so we're complete

17. Listening to Christmas music all year long

18. Having a strong aversion to haunted houses.  I will do about anything to avoid going into one

19. Wearing grey or black & white stripes before anything else

20. Eating way too many potato chips; I'm a salty over sweet kind of girl

What are some things you're not sorry for?

Wearing: Gold collared V-neck shirt, Lip Color in Berry Sorbet, Glasses

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