Denim & Gray

I did something new. I did something out my comfort zone. Well I did a few somethings.  But most importantly, I tried out the Wish App.  I had always been anxious about that thing. I mean have you seen some of the stuff they sell on there?  Make a grown man blush.

Anyway, I had wanted one of those super cute, bun/ponytail beanies that all the fashion forward people are wearing, but did not want to pay half a tank of gas for one. Enter the Wish App. I selected one from the catalog & eagerly awaited it's arrival. Surprisingly, it only took a couple weeks; all the way from China (of course!) to my doorstop it appeared.

The quality is amazing & price was even better; 2 bucks! It's been rather warm here, so today when the cold front arrived, I threw it on & knew I needed to capture it in some sunshine. If I had more time before the holidays, I would have totally ordered these for all the girls in my life, because, amazing & they came in a jillion color options.    

I of course ordered mine in gray, because if gray is considered a color, its my current favorite.  But I do want one in wine & maybe even brilliant blue.

^^ I quickly learned I lost my grace & jumping ability about 5 years ago when a child graced my uterus.

Like all my fashion faux pas; water spots on my shirt, pocket poking out, chipped nail paint? Call me fashion blogger of the year.  Good thing I'm not one; real mom right here. 

Wearing: Jeans, Shirt (yep! its a man shirt!) in crew, gray stripe, Lip color in Rebel Rose & Beanie in Gray

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