Gingerbread House Decorating

I have always enjoyed Gingerbread houses. Maybe it is the way they smell, or maybe all that candy.  Whatever it is, I love them.  I remember as a kid going to the casino in Mississippi (my uncle at the time worked there) & we would go down for a dinner and show of some kind during the holidays.  And it never failed, that in the foyer, right outside the elevators, stood this enormous, jaw-dropping gingerbread house that always have me awestruck.

Now let's preface all of this, with we cheat. We don't buy one of those build your own kits. Those kits are for people who are gluttons for punishment, I think, because, I have tried, & it never turns into anything except something that would resemble something out of a Three Little Pigs story.  We do, however, get one of those prebuilt houses every year for decoration & I'm not sure which of us looks forward to it more, Benjamin or myself.

Well, Egon (our Elf) decided two nights ago that he had waited long enough for us to build it & left us a rather demanding letter that we get to work immediately.  So once the dinner table was cleared, we got to work.

I have pretty good restraint from eating all those sugary treats while building; it may be the fact of my that I realize those candies may have been in that box who God knows how long, except this year, they were pretttty tasty.  We don't claim to be gingerbread house masters by any stretch & you will never see me on a Martha Stewart special conducting a tutorial on crafting the dreamiest one, but we still have a great time, decorating with action figures & other sundries we think would be fitting for our wintery scene each year. (Egon hasn't gotten into decorating it yet this year with toys, but give him some time, he's busy hiding in the fridge with all the produce right now.)

Damon is definitely our decorator - he gets it from his mama.

Maybe one day I will get super domestic & make my own walls & roof.  Bahahahah who am I kidding?? Wilton's knows what they are doing.

One more item checked off that Christmas list of mine.

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