My Christmas Bucket List

SANNNNNTA!!!! I KNOW HIM!!!!  I don't declare to be the biggest lover of Christmas, but I find myself to be up there on the list. As soon as the weather starts to change & the calendar itches towards Thanksgiving, my insides get all excited about all the Christmas-y things filling the stores & streets.
Christmas is always magical & I put together my bucket list every year of things I want to accomplish, so that when the calendar strikes 2018, I don't look back wishing or missing anything.

Here is a look at my bucket list this year:

1. Christmas light looking with homemade treats
2. Eat copious amounts of cookie dough
3. Main Street in Grapevine
4. Make Christmas cookies for Santa Claus
5. Visit Santa Claus
6. Watch all my favorite holiday movies
7. See Sundance Square
8. Sniff a jillion real trees
9. Decorate a gingerbread house
10. Eat Mexican food on Christmas Eve
11. Visit the Palace Theatre for Movie Night
12. Visit the Merry Christmas Charlie Brown exhibit

Do you have a holiday bucket list?  What's on it?

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