10 Things I'm Currently Obessed With

2017 is winding down so quickly, that I feel it whizzing by me at lightening speed.  I've been doing quite a bit of thinking about next year & how I want it to turn out.  It's a semi big year, Benjamin starts Kindergarten & I find a whole new sense of "mom freedom.'  Besides being eager about getting quality quiet time each day, while he's off learning all the things, I'm browsing the things & loving these:

- skip the cliché tomato pushpin holder ladies

- my inner movie nerd is totally geeking out

- give me all the cake stands & table things

- if my dungeon of doom, as damon calls it, finds organization, this

- these are popping up on my instagram & i'm obsessed

- because shoes 

- and all the shimmery things

- who needs normal loungewear?

& because my life is always interesting 

Happy Tuesday y'all! I'm off to party it up Christmas style with a room full of preschoolers. May the odds ever be in my favor. 

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