Life Lately

I was browsing through photographs earlier this week & saw so many that captured some of our fun moments during the holidays & since. Our house was full of houseguests, feasting & while it was great having everyone here, we are a little glad to have our lives back into a routine.

We just started school back for the Spring semester, got Benjamin registered for baseball & booked a birthday party.  Ahhhhhhhh! And I cracked a book!

Here's a drop of some of my favorite moments from the past few weeks; these aren't the best quality (I'm sorry!):

Benjamin got a new game (among others) at a holiday dinner & we have played it more times than we can count.

Calm before the "Santa brought me a bike" storm.

We discovered a little bowling alley a few towns over & its now a new favorite place.  We even booked Benjamin's birthday here in a few weeks.

We've been busy playing with all our new toys & things; one of which is his tinkercrate subscription, which I'll do a post more about soon.  Mama got an electric pressure cooker aka Instant Pot & its my favorite thing; check out my Instastories for meal ideas & maybe a post or two will transpire.

More fun coming!

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