Discover Arizona: Trail Dust Town

Tucked away in a little piece of Tucson is the cutest Wild West town on this side of El Paso; well that we have found so far.  This has been on our to-do list since we moved to Arizona two months ago, & this past Saturday night, we checked it off our list.

We drifted back to the days of cowboys, saloons & stunt shows while speeding away on a 1950's carousel.  Trail Dust Town is made up off a square of shops, shows & even a little haunt geared towards all ages; however any attraction with haunt in it is sure to turn this mom off.  Nope, not happening. 

Pinnacle Peak is their steakhouse/saloon & we made sure to eat our weight in cowboy fare while we were there; steak, brisket & plenty of ranch beans to go around. And when you're done eating (or even before you do) make sure to head to the Trading Post, to pick up plenty of wooden nickels for activities.

Below are some pictures from our evening.

Anyone else find the fun "carnival" novelty in fortune tellers? I'm a sucker.

^^ Benjamin's first slap bracelet, I think. He is so enamored with this thing.

Besides the food, the carousel won me over. It sped along much faster than any carousel I had ever been on & the breeze felt so amazing blowing through my hair. I may have felt 10 again. 

Another win? They decorate for Halloween & Christmas. You better believe I will be back.

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