Fresh From Arizona: A Quick Update

Holy Mylanta guys!! It has been so long since we posted last. There have been quite a few changes since I posted last & I can't wait to share everything with you.

We are in Arizona!! Tucson to be exact & this change has been such a rollercoaster, but I don't ever want to leave our glorious mountain views. The Google Maps lady is currently my best friend as I am learning to navigate, but with time I will figure it out.

We've been bunking with family until we find our perfect home & after lots of headache, we found one!  I have been a Pinteresting fool, eagerly waiting to get in there and decorate it. We finished our inspections & our now eagerly waiting for our closing day, so we can move into our new digs and really get life back to normal. This house is perfect for us & everything we were looking for; major win! Think pool parties, patio dinners & a glorious walk in pantry y'all!

I really want to get a hashtag going on Instagram for our house posts, but need a catchy name for our digs. I currently use #haciendadegregg; is that catchy enough? Either that or maybe #the1986hacienda.

Thanks for being patient with us while we get settled.  More fun coming soon!

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