KiwiCrate: April Box

I thought I was the one who got most excited about receiving fun things in the mail.  Then Benjamin was born.  He lives for checking the mail to see if any surprises or fun mail come addressed to him.  I have to guard my own things with my life, or he will rip right into them.  Joy of children right?

So receiving a subscription to KiwiCrate was icing on the cake for him. KiwiCrate is something Damon and I had looked into for him in the past & we were thrilled when he received it as a Christmas gift.

KiwiCrate is a STEM based subscription box for kids 5-8 years old, but don't worry, they have different box subscriptions for all ages, even babies! Benjamin is my science kid & he is pretty convinced Kindergarten is all day science experiment making. Who wants to break the bad news to him?  April was our last month for the gift & we just renewed it for 6 more months of fun; they have multiple subscription options as well.

Each month's box comes with about three activities surrounded around a general theme; April is Ultraviolet Light & he couldn't wait to dig in. We made the Color Changing Bead Bracelet & spent plenty of time playing with the special light provided to watch the beads change color.  I'm pretty sure right now we could walk outside and it change itself; May in Arizona for ya. This activity is great for hand, eye coordination, threading those beads!!

Parenting tip: Stretch out the activities between the arrival of each box, so you have STEM activities throughout the month!

Any guesses for what May's box might be? Benjamin always tries to guess the next month's box; we haven't been right yet.

For more information about KiwiCrate, other box options or to receive $10 off your first subscription, click here! These make great gifts for your kids, family members or friends!

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