Mother's Day Gift Guide for 2018

Holy Wednesday before Mother's Day guys! You know when you plan things & then you blink and boom, its here?? Yep. I am blaming all my chaos on buying a new home, being semi homeless & not having a normal routine.

But have no fear, your Mother's Day gift guide is here! There's still to order and receive for your special mama.

Our Mother's Day plans are probably spontaneous, but I like it that way.  I ran around like a hot mess mom yesterday trying to get my mama's package shipped off to her.  But after several lines & running in circles, it got shipped.

Here is a list of some great gift items for your mama; whether she loves the kitchen, fashion or needs a little downtime (because hello, you!).

Gold Mama Necklace // 24 karat gold & the perfect accessory to show off her proud mama self

Coffee Pot & Cup Set // Who doesn't love Magnolia these days? This coffee pot/cup combo is perfect for a morning cup to start her day or an afternoon pick me up before wine time.

Less Stress Bath Bomb // Um because what gift isn't complete these days without a bath bomb?

Jacqueline Hybrid Smart Watch // Insert heart eyes.  I don't have a smart watch, but if I did, I would want something snazzy like this leather Fossil one.

Ralph Lauren Floral Scarf // Tie to your purse or wear as an accessory, I firmly believe scarves never go out of style. Arizona will eventually cooperate & I can wear some of mine (that and my POD will arrive)

Rose Gold Keds // These sparkly beauts have been on my wishlist for sometime.  Maybe when Benjamin is 18, moved out and can no longer step all over my shoes while walking.

Women's Aviator Sunglasses // Like scarves, you can never own too many sunglasses.  If I didn't have a prescription, I would probably own them all. Don't judge me.

What do you plan on buying your mama for Mother's Day this year? Drop them in the comments below!

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