Rabbit Pirate War w/ Rabbit Pirates

One thing I have enjoyed most since moving into (& getting settled) into our new house, is the fact that we can get back into a routine of life.  Part of our routine involves quite a bit of entertainment for Benjamin throughout the day; if he had things his way, we would be playing a board game the minute my feet hit the floor in the morning.  Have I mentioned that this Arizona sun wakes me (& him) up realllllllllly early?  I'm pretty sure I have mentioned this quite a few times on social media.

One of the games that we recently discovered was Rabbit Pirates, which can be found on Amazon!  This game was created by a math teacher who wanted to insert math outside the classroom, while having fun at the same time.  Rabbit Pirates is a very simple, easy to grasp game that we will be pulling out of a closet for many game nights & days to come.

For 2-4 players, each player selects a Pirate & begin loading their cannons.  I like being Scrapper, because, it seems completely fitting for a pirate with the name Scrapper.  Rules are simple; each player gets 3 cards on each hand and lays them facing down to "battle" other pirates. The winning card from each battle, wins a token.  All tokens have point values & are tallied after all are won.  Highest tally wins.

I giggled once I finally caught on that all the cannon balls are a sort of ball in our vocabulary.  I'm pretty sure the meatball is my favorite, for obvious reasons.

This game is aged for 7+, which is appropriate for the math portion at the end.

Here are some fun game play photos below..

Benjamin won the game with the most token value; he was pretty proud that he got the most 50 point tokens.  I managed to get all the negative value tokens, which he found amusing. 

Does your family have game nights or incorporate them into your daily routine?  Be sure to give Rabbit Pirates a look when selecting your next game. Also, be sure to check them out on Facebook! #RoosterFinGames

Thanks to my sponsor, RoosterFin, for supplying the free product to help me write this post today!

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