Q: You & Damon really met on match.com? 
A: Yes we did. We "matched" in 2008 & had our first date that December. He was my actual 2nd match that I went out with. 

Q: Are you going to have more kids?
A: Nope. Unless God feels like playing a joke on us, we are locked up & the key lies in the hands of my OB-GYN. We are totally content with just one & don't feel any kind of regret for not having another. We love the flexibility of one child & being able to travel, "spoil" & do everything with just him. 

Q: The Bottomless Cup?
A: I've blogged for years, off and on, having several different blog names. The Bottomless Cup symbolizes a few things actually. I'm an avid drinker, non alcoholic for those jumping straight to cocktail hour, but not a bash to it either. I've pretty much always got a cup of coffee or "jug" full of water at my side & if you're around me long enough, will hear me complain about cotton mouth.  

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