the bottomless cup about

established in 2011, i was a full time working, married lady who hustled and bustled with the rest of the 8-5ers, but life took an intersting turn when we introduced benjamin in 2013. i quickly took the stay at home mom route & life has been an adventure ever since.

i live off sweet tea black coffee & mexican food while playing cars & animals, folding endless amounts of laundry & menu planning until the end of time. i thrive on good baseball, gilmore girls reruns & wandering (literally!) i consider myself a homebody, but if i'm out, i'm usually at target wandering aimlessly or on the lipstick aisle filling my cart with new shades.

my boys are the true meaning of boy & i'm usually drowning in the testosterone, but my furchildren make up for the difference.  our family thrives on laughter & adventure, while living as authentically as possible.

i decided to start the bottomless cup, first as an escape from all the boyness, but also as a way to share & document the adventure that our family finds in the everyday, whether it amazing or chaotic.  life isn't perfect by any sort, but i strive on the daily to find the best in everything; life has taught me that over the years that it is way too short to be bitter for too long.

got a question? ask! we're pretty much an open book & answers to questions can be found here.

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